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    Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour



    About Us

    The Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour is a three-day, free, family-oriented, self-guided tour of local artists’ private studios and local Art Centers held the first weekend in October. Art Centers are organizations that encourage arts practice and provide the facilities for ongoing art education. Most artists, either at private studios or in Art Centers, will be demonstrating their craft – a fabulous way for the public to learn about how the work is created, the materials and techniques used and the time it takes. It also provides visitors with the opportunity to buy art directly from the artists; some of which is not found anywhere else. The tour is an avenue to foster appreciation of the arts, encourage art education by donating funds to art programs for local children and to establish the Prescott Area as a premier art destination in North Central Arizona.

    Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.